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Pepper Spray(OC)

PEPSPRAY is a self defense Pepper Spray, containing extracts(OC) Oleoresin Capsaicin extracted from Red Chili and Pepper. Upon direct contact with attacker’s eyes it forces them to tear and slam shut instantly, while causing uncontrollable sneezing, coughing and intense burning pain, incapacitating the attackers for 30-45minutes, giving you enough time to run away or call for help. It is an effective means of non-lethal, non-toxic self-defense for people concerned with personal safety and security.

Unique Features

  • Easy and ready to use
  • Thumb Cut Dome for Instant use in the dark
  • Spray reaching upto 7 feet
  • Rapid action within seconds
  • Disabling the attackers for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Every bottle "test sprayed" before packaging
  • Tested and Certified from Govt approved Lab

Where & when to use

  • Walking in dark and lonely streets
  • Carrying cash unarmed
  • Walking or driving alone
  • Senior citizens alone at home
  • Male members in the house are absent
  • Alone at work place
  • Dog attacks
  • Attacks from wild animals

Key Ingredients

Oleoresin Capsaicin (OC), ,Pepper Irritant

Direction to use

Always point nozzle towards attacker’s face and spray

Legal to use

Self defense is legally admissible under IPC sections 96, 97, 102, 105 and 106

Net Content: 55ml or 1.85fl.oz
Expiry date: 3 years from manufacturing date


  • The use of the product for any purpose other than self defense is a crime, punishable under the law
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not carry this unit onboard a flight

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