B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S

Portable Explosives Detector (EDKS-8HN)

Non-Contact Air Intake Type Explosives Molecules Detection System

Can detect
the explosive material
containing nitro based
with ultra-high sensitivity of
PPQ(Femtogram 10-15 level.
Provides the real time
detection result.

TNT Group
  • TNT
  • TNB
  • DNT etc.
RDX Group
  • HMX
  • RDX
  • Semtex
  • C4 etc.
PETN Group
  • PETN
  • Nitroglycerine
  • Dynamite etc.
  • 9mm Ammo
  • 5.56mm Ammo
  • Magazine etc.

C4 Non contact detection test



  • Detect up to 1ppq Nitro Molecules Base TNT, RDX, PETN Explosives
  • Non-Contact/Continuous Operating/ Absorption Type/Canine sensitivity
  • Real time response & auto warning
  • No radioactive & microwave source
  • Wireless & Mobile network reporting
  • Monitoring, Remote control able via network
  • System position tracking
  • Hack/Unauthorized usage proof
  • Update software and download log files via the Wi-Fi interface


  • Stand Alone Application
  • Operation Position Moveable
  • Emergency Response
  • Screening
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Trace Analysis
  • Checkpoints
  • Critical Building / Facility
  • Public place / Office Building
  • Shopping Center/ Hotel etc.
  • EOD Filed Agent


Portable Detector (EDKS-8HN)
CPU Quad Core CPU
Hard Disk SSD 16GB
Memory 3GB DDR3
Display 5.2" Color LCD + Touch Screen
Network interface RJ45-10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethemet
Wireless LTE/3G/2G/Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
Serial Comm. RS232/485
OS Linux & Detecing S/W
Power Lithium Ion(4/6/8 hour life max - dependent upon type of volume capacity)
AC: 100 to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz
Dimensions 418×192×145mm (L×W×H)
Weight 4.3kg (Include Standard Battery)
Operation Temp -10°C ~ +70°C
Number of Detectors 2 Nano Sensors
Category of Detector Nano Sensor; Explosives
Detection Principle Molecular Spectroscopy
Sample Introduction Vapor/Gas
Sensitivity/Detection Limits:PPQ (Part Per Quadrilion : 10-15
Start Up Time < 2 minutes (From Cold Start To Sample Ready)
Response Time Real time - 10 seconds (Sample Application To Output)
Tested for Explosives Nitroaromatics (e.g., TNT, DNT), Semtex, C4, RDX, PETN, powders, some ANFO mixtures, some improvised materials.
Cannot detect peroxides.
Equipment Type Instrument
Transport-ability Portable
Durability Semi-Rugged
Consumables Nano Sensor
Suggested Routine Maintenance Simple Cleaning
Command Control Center SW MS-Windows-based software for real time monitoring, reporting and system remote control via network
Alarm Capability Graphical display, audible and haptic response
Software Control On-board 0~2000 hours logging
Operator Skills Required Non-technical background
Training Available On-site training available.
Manufacturer provides advanced training at their facility.
Manuals Available Yes
Warranties 1 year + Optional

* This specification may be changed without notice according to upgrade by development issue.



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