B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S

Stun/Sound Grenade

Model: 3M-Sound-1B
Model: 3M-Sound-3B
Model: 44-Sound-6B


Stun/Sound Grenade specification
Model 3M-Sound-1B 3M-Sound-3B 44-Sound-6B
Diameter 54mm 54mm 72mm
Length 110mm 132mm 151mm
Weight 100±5g 165±5g 295±10g
Body material Plastic (ABS)
Bang type 1 bang 3 consecutive bangs 6 consecutive bangs
Sound level About 120dB
Delay time 1.5~3sec
Throwing distance 30~50m

Our Stun/Sound grenade can be used for riot control purpose When the grenade was thrown to the crowd, it makes loud sound, so the crowd will be dispersed. Also the sound grenade body is made of plastic, so it does not cause injury to the people when it was thrown and hit to the person directly.

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