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Police Barrier Vehicle for Riot Control

1) Background of Manufacturing Police Barrie Vehicle

 We manufactured this vehicle equipped barrier wall with automatice hydraulic system on the side of it which is made of polycarbonate, to prevent injury and to protect people from clash.

 This police barrier vehicle can prevent illegal occupation of road from the demonstrators in advance.

2) The Specifications of the Vehicle

The specifications of the vehicle
Vehicle Hyundai 4.5 Ton short body
Size (Length x Width x Height) (Approx) 7,180mm x 2,440mm x 3,380mm
Total Weight (Approx) 12,000 kg
Engine Capacity Maximum Output 250 PS / 2,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 87kg / 1,400 rpm

3) Specification of the Vechicle Wall

Specification of the Vechicle Wall
(Width x Height)
(Approx) 8,990mm x 4,260 mm
Setting Up Time (Approx) With in 3 minutes (Except O/R)
Operation Method Wired Remote Control
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Key Features Camera and monitor, Roof Turest, Self Defense Spray System
Additional Features Cabin Safety Net, Police CI Paint, Promotional Phrase

Setting UP of Barrier Vehicle

1) Vehicle wall Folded State
2) Slide Out of O/R & Movement of Top Box in the Passenger direction
3) Spreading Auxiliary Wall and Rising Observer Protection Barrier
4) Sliding Out of Protecting Barrier for assistant observer
5) Descending Vehicle Wall, Installing Buttress and Camera

Details for each part

1) Specifications

  • Size: height 4,260mm, width 8,99mm
  • Specification of Polycarbonate
    Main Vehicle Wall: 10mm
    Auxiliary Vehicle Wall: 8mm

2) Cabin Safety Net

  • Material: Steel mesh and steel pipes
  • Glass safety net ahead rises by the air cylinder

3) Front & Rear Buttress

  • Front Buttress: Installation supporting hooks for auxiliary vehicle wall on the front bumper using each pipe
  • Rear Buttress: Installation using turn-buckle to support the buttress on the auxiliary vehicle wall

4) High-Performance Camera and Camera Tower Utilized Air Cylinder / Storage

4-1) Camera Tower

  • Heightened camera tower using air cylinders
  • Descent method by its own weight
  • Fine exterior with air cylinder type
  • Height of the camera: 5M or more from the bottom of observation point

4-2) High-Performance Camera

  • Monitor 7 inches, more than 22 times of optical zoom
  • Horizontal Rotation Angle: Over 0 ~355 degrees
  • Vertical Rotation Angle: +45 ~ -85 degrees

4-3) Storage Devices

  • Mounted on the rear of passenger seat
  • Hard-disk over 160GB
  • Form: DVR
  • Resolution: Over NTSC 720X240, 360X240

5) Roof Turret & Self Defense Spray System

5-1) Roof Turret

  • Suction Line: 65A
  • Nozzles
    Manual system for direct or spray
    Discharge control 40A / 65A

5-2) Self Defense Spray System

  • Spray nozzle: aluminum / 4pcs
  • Spray range: Till main barrier
  • Hose connect section: 40A
  • Plumbing: 1” / STS304 pipe

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