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Armored Vehicle

01 Products

This Special Purpose Armored Vehicle is a versatile 4x4 armored vehicle adaptable to a wide range of police and security roles. With its high maneuverability, perfect stability, superior on and off-road capabilities, our Special Purpose Armored Vehicle will transport police troops through risky areas under ultimate protection.

Armored Personnel Carrier
Police Patrol Vehicle
Armored Personnel Carrier
with Tactical Ladder(optional)
Light Armored Vehicle

02 Body Building and Test

03 Overview

armored vehicle overview
Crew 8 ~ 12 persons
Chassis DAG Unimog
FORD F-Series
TOYOTA Land Cruiser
Drive 4 x 4
Armament Run-flat Tire (50 km at 50 km/h)
View / Gun Port
Public Address System
Hydraulic Winch (8.5 tons)
Search Light
Spare Can
Black Out Drive Lamp
armored vehicle overview
Protection Hull: NIJ Level II ~ IV
Glass: NIJ Level II ~ IV
Mine / Grenade Protection (Under body)
Vehicle Test Fording
Off-road Driving
Vertical Step
Options GPS
Parking Assist System
IR Camera
(Field View: 36°h x 27°v)
Tactical Ladder
Hydraulic Flip Flap System
Strobe Bar

04 Feature - Armored Personnel Carrier

04 Feature - Light Armored Vehicle

04 Feature - Light Armored Vehicle

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