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Life Line provides the most effective fire escape space. This is a multi-purpose fire escape device which possesses excellent flame proof and heat radiating properties, shuts off inflow of toxic gas and can be applied to both of low rise and high rise buildings.

Characteristics of LifeLine

Minimization of installation space

it has an external depature structure of being folded at ordinary times and being automatically unfolded at the thime of a fire

This is installed in a balcony or on a wall and thus does not require any separate space.
Five patent applications other than Korean Patent Application No. 10-0998240 and a PCT patent application have been registered for this fire escape device.
Two theses have been presented in the Korea Firefighting Academy (by three co-authors including Nam, Jung-Oh and Prof. Min, Se-Hong of Gacheon Univ. (which was Kyungwan Univ, previously.)

Interlocked and linked escape

At the time of a fire, the devices of upper and lower floors operate simultaneously to enable escape in a linked manner by use of a ladder.

In the case of an emergency, one can positively escape to the lower or upper floor by using an inner ladder(mounted on the inner side of a door).

Folder Type Product

Order of operation. 
It is automatically unfolded at the time of a fire.

Installation on a wall. 
When it is installed in a new building.

Installation on a balcony. 
When it is installed in an existing building.

Various surface treatment. 
It can be displayed in various ways according to surrounding environments by using painting and sheets.

Sliding Type Product

Installation image.

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