B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S

Multispectral Screening Camouflage Net System

For military vehicle
  •  The MSCNS provide the most efficient signature reduction of camouflage characteristics in multi spectral range as VIS, NIR, MIR, FIR.
  •  The MSCNS is ultra light weight camouflage net system.
  •  The design is snag-resistant, easily, rapidly deployable and recoverable.
  •  The most economical solution to camouflage problems.

Camouflage Net


automatic gun barrel cleaner specification
Rectangle net (8 x 11 m) 1 ea
Transport case 1 ea
Total Weight max 28kg

Camouflage Characteristics

  • VIS: Color & Color difference, Specular Gloss
  • NIR: Spectral reflectance
  • Middle IR (3-5/w), Far IR(8-12) : Thermal transmission, Screen Thermal Signature


net physical/chemical properties
Resistance of flame self-extinguish
Tensile strength
(Garnish cloth)
after accelerated
Tearing strength
(Garnish cloth)
Breaking strength
(Base net)
after accelerated
Accelerated weathering, aging, fading


Support System 1 Set


support system componnts
Aluminum Pole, 1.2M 12EA
Circle Spereader, Ф30cm 6EA
Ground Stake, 30cm 8EA
Ground Stake, 40cm 10 EA
Transport Case 1 EA
Total Weight Max 28kg

Performance of MSCNS (1)

Camouflage of Visible Range
  • Pattern: 3 dimensional
  • Glossiness: Natural non-reflective effect 52.0 at 85°
  • Color: Natural color of Desert
  • Camouflage Color (CIE La*b* System): Center value 68.29(L*) 2.33(a*) 18.23(b*)
  • Tolerance of Color difference .L•< 5.0

Performance of MSCNS (2)

Camouflage of Near Infrared Range
  •  Provide protection against night observation device in wavelength of 714 to 873nm
  •  Have very similar near infrared reflectivity of sand in desert

Performance of MSCNS (3)

Camouflage of Thermal Infrared Range
Armed Vehicle with LCSS
Armed Vehicle with MSCNS
Visible image
Thermal Image

Demonstration for MSCNS

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