B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S

Shock absorbing Gun Mount

for Cal.50 Heavy Machine Gun(12.7mm)

1. Background of development

A. Current gun mount system for Cal.50

On the ground-Tri pods
For air shooting-M63
For Armored vehicle-M36

B. Current gun mounts has following problems Due to too much recoil impact during gun shooting,

  • continuous aiming shooting on the target was impossible, so target hitting ratio was very low.
  • Lack of stability made bad shot group forming.
  • Shooter’s confidence was very low with bad shooting result
  • Long time and too much bullet was spent to build a good shooter

C. To solve above current system’s problems, this new mount has developed.

2. Product Introduction

A. Picture

B. Product specification

  • Item: Shock absorbing mount system
  • Size: 440 X 331 X 1290mm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Average recoil power: about 240kg (without shock absorbing mount-1020kg)
  • Application: Cal.50 – M2HB US, K-6
  • Optic mount for aiming device installation

C. Features

  • Recoil impact was reduced dramatically from 1020kg to 240kg
  • Target hitting ratio was increased upto 200%
  • Easy shooting & handling with shooting handles and safety device
  • Angle of elevation can be controlled by lower right side bracket
  • Brass catcher(Max: 200 brass) was attached under the mount
  • NATO was using same gun mount system

3. Application Pictures

<On top of Armored vehicle>
<On top of K-9 Self propelled Artillery>
<On the Navy Vessel>
<On the Navy Vessel>
<Inside helicopter>
<Army model>
<Navy model>

4. Shock absorbing test

Without mount
Recoil power: 1020kg
After mount installation
Recoil power: 240kg

5. Target hitting ratio test

  • - Date: 1999. Dec at Army Shooting field
  • - Shooting distance: 500meters, 750meters, 1,000meters
  • - Target size: 50 X 50cm
  • - Number of shooting: 100bullets per each distance

M3 tripod mount-ground shooting, M36 Armored vehicle shooting


without shock absorbing mount


after shock absorbing mount installation

6. How to install the gun

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